Ayodhya observes grand celebration on Ram Navami 

Ayodhya observes grand celebration on Ram Navami

Image caption: The Holy Consecration of Ramlalla idol, also known as Divya Abhishek

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1,11,111 kgs of ladoos, 56 delicacies , and a scientifically devised Surya Tilak of the deity are only few of the things planned for Lord Ram on his special day being celebrated at home.

17 April 2024

By Khushi Maheshwari

Ram navami is a commemoration of one of the most revered deities in the Hindu religion: Lord Ram’s birthday. According to the Hindu calendar, this auspicious day falls on the 9th day of the Chaitra month and will be observed on 17th April this year. 

With the Ram temple in Ayodhya finally in place, today’s grand celebration will reach the zenith of resplendence. In the words of PM Modi, “Today Ayodhya is in unparalleled joy.” 

Line-up for the day

The festivities have already begun in the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya with the Mangala Aarti that took place around 3:30 am,  followed by Divya Abhishek or the sacred anointing of Ramlalla as part of a special reverence or ‘pooja’ of the deity. The divine Shringar or adornment took place after the abhishek, post which the devotees could engage in ‘darshan’ or viewing of the Ramlalla idol embellished with glittering ornaments.  More rituals like the offering of 56 delicacies (Chhappan Bhoga) will also follow. A total of 1,11,111 kgs of laddoos will be sent by the Devraha Hans Baba Ashram to the temple and distributed as prasad to the huge swarm of devotees gathered in the temple on this special day.  However, the most anticipated and significant part of the celebration will be the Surya Tilak which will take place at noon. 

Significance of Surya Tilak 

The Surya Tilak has ancient significance. Lord Ram belonged to the Suryavanshi clan of Kshatriyas, which is believed to have its genesis from the Sun God (Surya) in Hindu mythology. The Surya Tilak is not only a symbol of Lord Ram’s connection with Surya but also celebrates the physical incarnation of Surya’s energy. It is also meant to highlight the shared qualities between Lord Ram and the Sun — radiance, strength, guidance and his stature as the ideal king. 

Scientific Orchestration of the Tilak 

Devised by experts from Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) and the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, the mechanism for Surya Tilak is an optomechanical system which employs a Fabry-Pérot cavity with an adjustable mirror that will deviate sun rays straight onto the idol’s forehead. The whole setup comprises high quality lenses and mirrors and has been configured to align with the timing and intensity of sunlight. This will allow for the rays to fall on the idol around 12 pm.