Bavdhan Citizens Forum Begin Unique Initiative to Tackle Drinking & Littering Issue

Bavdhan Citizens Forum Launches Campaign to Collect Empty Alcohol Bottles

Bavdhan Citizens Forum Launches Campaign to Collect Empty Alcohol Bottles

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Pune : To keep the entire area of Bavdhan clean & free of empty liquor bottles thrown in a haphazard manner, Bavdhan Citizens Forum (BCF) has started collecting empty alcohol bottles by putting collection baskets on top of tree plant cages on footpaths, pavements etc.

As per further information from a core member of Bavdhan Citizens Forum, people drink & throw empty bottles inside the tree plant cages which are there on pavements, footpaths etc. Due to this, the PMC waste pickers cannot pick up the empty bottles from the cages as there is no space to put a hand & pick the bottles. Nobody can change or stop the drinking habits of people. Hence, the BCF has hung collection baskets on the cages for people to put the empty liquor bottles in the basket from where the PMC workers, Bhangarwalas etc can easily pick up the bottles.

From 13th October, the BCF started this as they have put these baskets on 2 cages near Lantana Garden Society in Bavdhan. This is a pilot run of the drive after which, if it gives a positive result, the BCF will put baskets in other areas of Bavdhan too.

In August 2023, taking a proactive stance against the escalating issues of open drinking and littering in Bavdhan, concerned citizens and the Bavdhan Citizens Forum joined hands to launch a distinctive initiative named “Bar Car-O-Bars.” The endeavour aimed to not only raise awareness but also deliver a strong message about maintaining cleanliness and tidiness in the community’s surroundings.
Shreyas Vange