Residents express concern over traffic and potholes on B T Kavade road 

Residents express concern over traffic and potholes on B T Kavade road

Residents express concern over traffic and potholes on B T Kavade road

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PUNE: The residents of Sopan Baug area, from Kavade Mala to Uday Baug, including Tara Bagh and Dobar Wardi, have expressed their concerns regarding the deplorable condition of the roads. 

Numerous potholes and diagonal lines have been dug on the roads, and the attempts made by the PMC to fill these potholes have been inadequate and unsatisfactory. Additionally, the footpaths in our area are also broken in several places.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Sachin Khandelwal stated, “The presence of potholes on the roads causes significant inconvenience to commuters. Moreover, the terrible condition of the roads leads to severe traffic congestion between 5 pm and 9 pm. Furthermore, both sides of Empress Garden Road are riddled with potholes and uneven surfaces. If at least one car from each side could be removed, the road could be expanded to six lanes, thereby reducing traffic congestion. Traffic congestion is a daily issue for all residents in our area. Alternatively, it would be beneficial to have traffic wardens or traffic personnel stationed at the main signal in our area every evening from 5 pm to 8:30 pm.”

Another resident, Porus, added, “The roads are in an abysmal state, with temporary repairs proving to be ineffective as the condition worsens again. Two-wheeler riders face great discomfort while navigating through these pothole-ridden roads, which can lead to serious back problems. The presence of traffic personnel would greatly assist in regulating the flow of traffic.”

Furthermore, Shubangi Deshpande, another resident, expressed, “The roads are filled with potholes, causing traffic jams, particularly in the evenings, which inconveniences the citizens greatly. Kavade Mala Road is often used as a shortcut, resulting in a heavy influx of vehicles from the highway, leading to traffic congestion. The locals face significant problems due to these traffic jams. Though recently the potholes have been fixed, there is a need for a permanent solution. “

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Sahebrao Dhandge, Superintendent Engineer, PMC, added, ”Measures are being taken to address the issue of potholes on the road to ensure the convenience of commuters. As monsoon has been concluded, tarring will be done to ensure the safe passage of commuters.”

 Madhupriya Dhanwate