Be proud of your roots: IFS officer Himanshu Tyagi shares insights from his IIT journey

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India is home to several UPSC aspirants, who dream of becoming the civil servant of the nation. There are some aspirants, who even after facing numerous problems, end up clearing the toughest examination of India – UPSC. One such is Uttarakhand’s Himanshu Tyagi. 

Himanshu Tyagi, an Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, has shared his insights on overcoming challenges during his IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology) days, particularly for students hailing from villages. 

Tyagi, an alumnus of IIT Roorkee, revealed that he faced mockery from a friend due to his village origin and highlighted the importance of embracing one’s roots.

In a tweet, Tyagi encouraged students to view their village origin as a strength, providing exposure to real grassroots-level problems. 

Indian Forest Services officer Himanshu, shared tips for managing UPSC preparation alongside a full-time job.

He emphasized that facing difficulties makes individuals more resilient, and he urged students to take pride in their roots.

Additionally, Tyagi stressed the significance of hard work and determination. He advised students to make the most of every opportunity during their IIT days, including internships and exposure to diverse experiences. 

Learning from peers, especially those with diverse skills and personalities, was highlighted as crucial for personal and professional development. Tyagi urged students to embrace tough situations, master social skills, and not be afraid of facing challenges.

His insights aim to inspire and guide students pursuing success in the highly competitive environment of IITs, emphasizing the importance of resilience, continuous learning, and pride in one’s background.

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