Bengaluru to introduce ‘No Food Waste’ vehicle to tackle wastage issue

Bengaluru to introduce 'No Food Waste' vehicle to tackle wastage issue

Bengaluru to introduce 'No Food Waste' vehicle to tackle wastage issue

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Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels Association (BBHA) revealed that Bengaluru witnesses a staggering annual food wastage of approximately 68.7 million tonnes, prompting the introduction of a ‘No Food Waste’ vehicle sponsored by the Airports Authority of India. 

This initiative aims to combat the stark reality that around 35% of produced food ends up wasted. PC Rao, the president of BBHA, commends the move, emphasizing its significance in addressing food wastage in the city.

Wedding halls and star hotels are reported to contribute significantly to food wastage, discarding items with remaining shelf life, such as gulab jamun and sweets. 

Rao acknowledges the need for safety measures in collecting surplus food and hints at potential collaboration between BBHA and the Airport Authority of India. He highlights that thali meals contribute significantly to wastage, and the association plans to educate customers to return unconsumed items.

To curb food waste, BBHA aims to minimize production in upscale hotels and collaborates with the government to introduce technologies estimating food quantity based on demand. 

The association plans to develop a food waste management logbook to track daily wastage, fostering conscious food consumption. Despite a lack of specific data on annual food wastage in Bengaluru, the initiative aligns with efforts to create a more sustainable food ecosystem.

Hotelier Arun Adiga shares insights from Vidyarthi Bhavan, emphasizing minimal wastage due to a concise menu. 

Adiga recommends analyzing ingredient perishability, suitable storage arrangements, and creating weekly plans to minimize wastage, offering practical solutions for the industry.

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