Bhoomi Springtown residents take charge of beautifying filthy spot

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Over twenty kids from Undri’s Bhoomi Springtown society took the charge of beautifying a filthy spot besides the society. The kids were guided by te adult members of the society who first cleaned the spot and painted beautiful paintings on the wall besides the society.

For a very long time, the open space was full of plastic and other sort of waste. Realising the increase in the menace the members collected funds and got it cleaned themselves. Later, the members painted the wall to beautify the area.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Payal Das, a resident said, “This open space had started becoming a dumping spot. We thought if we don’t take up the charge It will continue to harm us. Hence we decided to conduct a small event bringing in children so that the message of clean and healthy environment is spread amongst them. We contributed funds and conducted this activity. “

Another resident of Bhoomi Springtown Jayashree Punekar said, “It was ano overwhelming experience for each one of us. We realised together we can all make a difference. Kids enjoyed painting on a bigger canvas. We were supported by Rajendra Bhintade, a social activist from Undri who contributed by Rs 11,000 for the event apart from the funds that we collected from our society.”