Chalo PMC : Citizens’ Movement Seeks Solutions For Civic Issues

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By: Pune Pulse

September 3, 2023

Pune: Team Chalo PMC, a citizen-led movement seeking resolution of civic issues, has received tremendous response from citizens across Pune through a letter and signature campaign from individual neighbourhoods which was successfully organized & concluded on August 9, 2023.

As per the information, Team Chalo PMC finally has individual acknowledgements for all letters submitted to PMC. They have submitted over 2123 physical signatures on over 100 letters from individuals, organizations and housing societies. They have represented approximately 50,000 people physically through those letters of representation and relayed the campaign to over 500,000 people virtually through mainstream social media.

More than 600 issues have been highlighted across 16 major areas from which the biggest concerns remain the quality of public facilities, traffic, road quality, garbage, water supply, etc. These elicited maximum interest & feedback.

Hence, through the campaign, Team Chalo PMC would like the PMC must:

1. Engage with Pune’s citizens in a town hall meeting and take the concerns on board.

2. Set some goals for resolving major issues with committed timelines.

3. Assign an officer from the PMC to be available for public review & correspondence.

and more.

Shreyas Vange