Complete culvert work soon, Wanowrie residents urge PMC

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The bridge near Ganga Satellite is partially closed as Pune Municipal Corporation has undertaken the work of constructing a culvert over it.

The condition of the bridge deteriorated after the 2018 floods. Ever since the civic body has undertaken the work, the safety railings on the bridge have collapsed which is posing a danger to the motorists as well as passers-by.

Residents are demanding PMC to put barriers prominently at the Utopia side so that the motorists are alerted about the risk. Sufficient lighting at the place is also paramount.

When Pune Pulse spoke to local corporator Kalinda Punde, she said, “The entire structure of the bridge will be rebuilt. It was after consistent follow ups with the Pune Cantonment Board that they allowed us to do the restructuring work. I have been supported greatly by Cantonment constituency MLA Sunil Kamble who ensured that the matter was raised and approved by the PCB officials. Work for laying the new road next to Ganag Satellite will be completed shortly, for the benefit of the residents. This will avoid congestion on the internal roads and also provide access to the residents. The entire construction of the road will take another two months.”

Puram Nilkanth, Junior Engineer, project work, PMC also said that the bridge will be rebuilt completely. He added that it would be wider than before.

Aspi Mistry, a local resident said that sufficient barricades and controlling of vehicles must be done at the location of work to avoid congestion and confusion. PMC must step it’s security at such point to avoid any mishap.