Cricket Enthusiasts Book Hospital Beds Ahead of India-Pak ODI in Ahmedabad

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As excitement builds for the 2023 ODI World Cup in India, cricket fans are eagerly anticipating the India vs Pakistan match scheduled for October 15 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The cricket frenzy has reached new heights, with fans going to great lengths to secure accommodation in the bustling city.

Hotel bookings in Ahmedabad have skyrocketed since the match announcement, leaving many hotels fully booked. Undeterred by the overbookings, passionate cricket enthusiasts have resorted to an unconventional approach – booking hospital beds. Hospitals in Ahmedabad, known for offering amenities like breakfast and dinner, are witnessing a surge in reservations from cricket lovers who wish to combine the game with health check-ups.

“Some fans are willing to stay in our hospitals, as it fulfills both purposes – saving on lodging expenses and getting a health check-up,” revealed a doctor working at a hospital in the city.

The demand for hospital stays during this period has been substantial, with fans willing to opt for various room types, from deluxe to suite accommodations. However, hospitals are exercising caution in accepting advance bookings, as their primary focus is on patient care.

“I have received inquiries from my friends from abroad to stay in my hospital. They aim to watch the Indo-Pak match and take advantage of medical facilities during their stay,” added another hospital official.

Airfares to Ahmedabad have also experienced a significant surge, with round-trip costs soaring by 350% for the India vs Pakistan match on October 15. Hotel room prices on that date have risen to unprecedented levels, with some reaching as high as Rs 72,000 in Ahmedabad.

In addition to the highly anticipated India vs Pakistan clash, Ahmedabad will host the opening match of the tournament between England and New Zealand, as well as the final on November 19. The city is all set to embrace cricket fever and welcome fans from all over the world for this prestigious event.

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