Dr (Major) Nalini Janardhanan honoured with Mother Teresa Jeevakarunya Sewa Award In Pune

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Doctor (Major) Nalini Janardhanan, a former Army Medical Corps doctor, family medicine specialist, well-known writer, recognized singer of Aakashvani-Doordarshan, and a renowned social worker, has been honoured with the ‘Mother Teresa Jeevakarunya Sewa Award’ instituted by the Indian Jeevakarunya Charitable Trust at the all-India level. 

The award was presented by Sree Narayana Guru Samiti (SNGS) President J Chandran, in the presence of dignitaries like CP Raju (General Secretary SNGS), A Gopi, VR Vijayan, PV Gangadharan,  KN Jayakumar, S Sasidharan, PR Surendran, KP Kumar, Prof (Colonel) Dr Kavumbayi Janardhanan, PG Rajan, D Prakash, Karthikeya Panicker, Babu Rajan, KV Dharmarajan, SP Chandra Mohan and VS Soman at a crowded function held at Mahakavi Kumaranashan Memorial Hall, Dehu Road, Pune.

Dr Nalini Janardhanan, who was a doctor with the rank of Major in the Indian Army Medical Corps (AMC), is a singer recognized by Aakashvani and Doordarshan. Andhra Pradesh Government Cultural Festivals, Marathi-Malayali Cultural Festivals, Kerala Festivals, Country Club, and many other cultural venues have conducted her musical programs for the elderly, disabled, and common people across India. She has played a valuable role in conducting medical camps, free medical services for the poor, and medical seminars in various parts of India. She has published more than 3000 articles, stories, and poems in Malayalam and English about medicine, music, devotion, and music therapy. Delivered more than 100 radio lectures on Aakashvani. She authored over 38 books and made ten music albums and videos on topics like health, medicine, and spirituality besides stories in a simple language that the common people can understand. Her interviews have been published in magazines like Doordarshan, Kaumudi TV, Mangalam TV, etc.

Dr Nalini’s biography has been published in more than ten international biographies. She has won more than 15 national and international awards, including Panampilly Memorial Gold Medal, Katha Award for Best Story writer, Patriotism Award, Health Literary Award by Indian Medical Association, Padma Shri Sukumari Kala Pratibha Award for Best Singer, Smile Plus Global Award for Social Service, Vanita Ratnam Award for Service to Arts, Culture, and literature, KIM Ragalaya Music Excellence Award, Kashmir to Kerala Social Foundation Award for Best Female Army Medical Officer etc. As Editor-in-Chief of Aiswarya Darpanam, a socio-cultural family magazine, she encouraged more than a thousand writers. Many bright poor students from North India and East India were identified by her and encouraged with scholarships by the Indian Jeevakarunya Charitable Trust.

Over the last 28 years, the Managing Trustee of Sri Joseph Chandy, an American Malayali, nicknamed the ‘Shining Sun of Kindness’, has donated Rupees 13,17,60,000 to poor people below the poverty line (BPL) without discrimination of caste, creed, or religion for charity work such as educational scholarships, housing to the poor, Self-Employment Scheme, Marriage of Girls, etc through the Indian Jeevakarunya Charitable Trust. In addition to all the districts of Kerala, more than 15,500 school students and 1400 college students from 27 other states have been helped through the Indian Jeevakarunya Charitable Trust by depositing scholarships directly into the students’ bank accounts. Apart from this, funds were also given to orphanages, religious institutions, educational institutions, and institutions for the disabled and the elderly. The Mother Teresa Jeeva Karunya Seva Award was implemented to encourage those who are engaged in philanthropic activities on an all-India basis.