Durga Puja celebrated with enthusiasm by Anandadhara Prabasi Sanstha

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The excitement seemed to be all real with Durga Puja vibes this year. Bengali culture is still discernable in Pune and you can very well blend when you are an ‘Apsian’.

Anandadhara Prabasi Sanstha (APS) is a community organization that brings forth with firm conviction the significance of celebrating the traditions of Bengal and networking with people who share common ideas, cuisines, literature and art form.

Besides, every member of this organisation is valued and revered for their contribution in every way, and, for creating a home away from home.

This year’s Durga Puja was a dream come for every individual, specifically for the Bengalis for it’s astounding decoration, effulgence of the idol, sumptuous meals and breathtaking musical presentation by the very renowned musicians. Besides, APS also shared a wonderful platform for the little wonders to display their talent to the fullest through Art, Music, Dance or Literature. The theme stole the attention this year, as folks geared up to express love, share joy and multiply happiness with our fellow Indians and celebrate the ‘Cultural Diversity of India’.

This year Anandadhara Prabasi Sanstha celebrated its 4th year Durga puja in a grand & beautiful place, Ramkrushna Mangal Karyaly, Moshi.