Earth Day Celebration held at Cambridge Gurukul

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“One of the first condition of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.”—Leo Tolstoy. 

Like every year Students of Cambridge Gurukul, vowed a pledge to make a lifestyle change that would impact not only those within the school but also the community outside the school. 
The theme of this year’s Earth Day was decided as OXYGEN, the crucial object for each and everyone to live on the planet earth. 

The COVID -19 crisis and lack of Oxygen in the country has resulted in a drought like condition. The future outcome of this drought set off alarm bells with those who are directly or indirectly affected. It has become imperative for the focus to be transferred towards conservation of EARTH. To build the awareness that each one of us has the power to make a difference to this situation, this year CIS decided to celebrate Wild Life awareness, Save Water on the occasion of Earth Day.

By conducting the theme based activities the five major elements that were focussed on were Water, Air, Oxygen, Forest, and Plants.The tiny tots enjoyed the theme SAVE JUNGLE by conducting the puppet show, THE TALKING CAVE. 

TINY TOTS of Pre Primary section focused on the theme and delivered a message Save Forest, Save Animals and Save Planet. Further students participated in the puppet making activities. Students made beautiful puppets of Flowers, Plants and Animals.

Teachers of Pre primary section narrated value based stories by delivering the commendable message of animals and human friendship and explaining how the forest and trees are essential part of human lives. Teachers also explained how plants, trees and jungles produced the NATURAL OXYGEN for Animals and Humans to survive. Various magnificent nutritional activities were conducted by CIS staff for their lovely students, like No flame cooking giving the message of No Pollution. In this activity students followed the recipes shown by their teachers like Biscuit salad train, Salad making, Bhel making with vegetables, milk shakes with fruit pulp, etc. 

For Save Water and recycling activity students washed their toys without using detergent or chemical. They reused the same water for watering their plants and delivered message of recycling. Go green activity was focused by making crafts and drawings with the use of GREEN LEAVES pasting activity. 
Students learnt to make paper bags and spread the awareness of NO PLASTIC.Students from secondary took the oath and made posters signifying SAVE EARTH, EACH ONE PLANT ONE, and SAVE WATER . 

On the occasion Director Ram Raina and Cambridge Commando group planted plants in their home garden. This year due to pandemic and social distancing norms our commando group, staff and other students took pledge through virtual platform during the special assembly conducted by the senior students of grade 10 to save our planet. 

Kaur the Vice Principal of CIS addressed the students on the occasion. Chairman Dr. Dhananjay Varnekar, who himself is a social activist and nature lover runs TREE PLANTATION drive every year. 

Varnekar promised the students to conduct a TREE PLANTATION MARATHON in the school once the situation turns in our favor. 

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