Fire Destroys Over 25 Vehicles in Borivali Housing Society – Were EV Guidelines Ignored?

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Last week, a fire broke out in a parking lot near Borivali’s Mangal Kunj Society, destroying around 25 to 26 vehicles. The Mumbai Fire Brigade rushed three fire tenders to the scene to tackle the rapidly spreading flames.

Images from the incident show the chaotic scene as firefighters worked swiftly to control the fire. However, the exact cause of the fire remains unknown.

Local residents reported that the fire started from one of the electric bikes parked near the Mangal Kunj building in the afternoon. As a result, around thirty to forty two-wheelers parked nearby also caught fire.

This incident highlights the urgent need for strict adherence to electric vehicle (EV) regulations. In June 2021, the Maharashtra government introduced the “Maharashtra State Electric Vehicle Policy 2021” to address challenges such as high upfront costs and to encourage greater adoption of EVs. The policy emphasizes the importance of developing charging infrastructure and providing incentives to boost production capacity.

One significant aspect of the policy is the provision allowing individual EV owners to install private EV chargers with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their housing society or Resident Welfare Association (RWA). This provision aims to facilitate charging at home, with private vehicles potentially obtaining up to 80% of their charging needs from these sources.

However, it is crucial for both EV owners and housing societies to ensure that safety guidelines are strictly followed to prevent incidents like the recent fire in Borivali.