First psychometric test for prospective Agniveers in Pune

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First psychometric test for prospective Agniveers in Pune

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The Bombay Engineering Group and Centre in Pune hosted the Agniveers recruitment rally, where the Indian Army debuted a psychometric test for the first time to evaluate applicants’ mental aptitude, behavior, and personality traits on a trial basis.

According to a senior Indian Army official, the test was administered experimentally during the Agniveer rally recruitment in Pune. The psychometric exam was still in its early phases. As of yet, it isn’t a formal requirement for the Agniveer recruiting rally procedure.

As per further information, the exam was created by the Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) of the DRDO. The demanding circumstances in the force necessitate the psychological examination.

The Indian Army official went on to say that during the rallies, they test out a variety of new innovations and technologies.

A senior Indian Army officer also stated that a limited number of applicants had taken a computer-based exam in which they were required to respond to a series of questions primarily pertaining to psychological aspects. It was carried out to learn more about the candidates’ aptitude. The DRDO experts and officers will examine and assess it further.

A group of officers stated that the Army needed people who could work alone in demanding situations, be mentally tough, and be physically fit. These circumstances can have a serious negative impact on a person’s mental health if they lack the aptitude for the force. This aspect will be determined among the candidates by the psychometric test.

Under difficult circumstances, the recruited Agniveer is working in frontline posts. A candidate may not give their best effort at work if they believe they will only be serving for four years. Thus, it is essential to comprehend their psychological components.

Shreyas Vange