Free Legal Services and Mediation Clinic Set Up On Pune Railway Station

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Pune, 22nd June 2023: Pune has set a new standard in promoting justice and support for vulnerable communities with the inauguration of the groundbreaking ‘Free Legal Services and Mediation Clinic’ at the Pune railway station. This unique initiative marks the first-of-its-kind legal facility at a railway station in India, strategically positioned to cater to the needs of countless travelers passing through.

The Department of Labour, Central Warehousing Corporation, and representatives from the International Labour Organization collaborated under the guidance of the chief district and sessions judge, who also chairs the District Legal Services Authority, Pune. Together, they organized a special seven-day campaign aimed at rescuing and rehabilitating child laborers, showcasing the dedication of multiple entities in addressing this critical issue.

During the clinic’s inauguration, Sonal S Patil, Secretary of the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), highlighted the importance of similar initiatives in providing legal aid to the economically disadvantaged. She emphasized the significance of peaceful dispute resolution and stressed that the clinic’s primary objective is to offer legal assistance and guidance to individuals who may be unaware of where to seek help.

The initiative not only empowers those in need of legal assistance but also highlights the importance of peaceful dispute resolution.

The clinic at Pune station will be particularly beneficial for individuals accused under IPC section 379 (theft), as they can receive free legal representation and support for obtaining bail.

In addition to legal aid, the DLSA has established a mediation clinic at the station to address both pre-litigation and post-litigation cases, providing immediate assistance to passengers requiring legal support. Furthermore, the DLSA plans to extend legal aid under Section 12 of the Legal Service Authority Act, 1997.

The newly established center has urged the Railway Authority to make announcements and inform passengers about the available services. Currently, the temporary clinic operates from the child helpline booth, but efforts are underway to secure a dedicated office room for its operations.

The provision of legal aid and support in such a prominent public space underscores the belief that justice and assistance should be accessible to all, regardless of their circumstances. Pune’s pioneering ‘Free Legal Services and Mediation Clinic’ at the railway station sets a commendable example for other cities to follow in promoting inclusivity and ensuring legal support for the underprivileged.

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