Highway Police’s Proactive Measures Ease Mumbai-Pune Expressway Traffic Ahead of Extended Holiday

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In anticipation of an impending long holiday weekend, the Highway Police have swiftly implemented a series of effective traffic management strategies on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

Tanaji Chikhale, Superintendent of Highway Traffic Safety Police, took to Twitter to share vital insights. With a surge in the number of smaller vehicles and other commuters traversing the Mumbai-Pune Expressway due to consecutive holidays, the Highway Traffic Police have orchestrated a strategic traffic management plan. Notably, a brief 15-minute lane closure has been instituted on the Mumbai-bound route to streamline traffic, while heavy vehicles have been designated to park along the Pune lane during specific ‘parking hours.’

The Mumbai Pune Expressway, a conduit for countless weekend travelers, is bracing for heightened activity as people embark on extended weekend getaways. Recent hours have witnessed escalating traffic along the paths leading towards Pune, as Mumbaikars set forth to explore popular tourist destinations such as Satara, Kolhapur, Mahabaleshwar, and Panchagani.

This influx of travelers is attributed to the upcoming extended weekend, with Independence Day falling on a Tuesday. Astute vacationers are seizing the opportunity to extend their break by also taking Monday off, resulting in a four-day leisure window. Given the ongoing monsoon season and the allowance of heavy vehicles on all lanes, commuters should anticipate heightened congestion during this period. Individuals considering travel along the expressway are advised to stay well-informed and consider adjusting their travel plans if feasible.

With a steadfast commitment to ensuring the safety and fluidity of traffic, the Highway Traffic Police have proactively rolled out a range of measures. Their vigilant efforts stand as a testament to their dedication to the well-being and convenience of all travelers.

Shreyas Vange