IndiGo Pilot Collapses and Passes Away at Nagpur Boarding Gate Moments Prior to Pune Flight

IndiGo launches direct flights from Pune to Surat from March 31. Know the schedule here.

IndiGo launches direct flights from Pune to Surat from March 31. Know the schedule here.

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An unfortunate incident unfolded at the Nagpur airport as an IndiGo pilot collapsed and tragically lost his life at the boarding gate on Thursday morning, just moments before he was scheduled to operate a flight bound for Pune. This heart-wrenching occurrence follows another recent pilot fatality in India, marking the second such incident in a span of two days.

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the deceased pilot had undertaken two flights on the preceding day, flying the Trivandrum-Pune-Nagpur route during the early hours between 3 am and 7 am.

Tragically, this event transpired in the wake of a Qatar Airways pilot’s untimely demise just a day prior. The Qatar Airways pilot, who had previously served with SpiceJet, Alliance Air, and Sahara, suffered a heart attack while on board a flight. The pilot, acting as an additional crew member on a Delhi-Doha flight, experienced a cardiac arrest and passed away in the passenger cabin.

These incidents underscore the inherent risks faced by those in the aviation profession. Furthermore, the aviation community mourns the loss of Ivan Andaur, a pilot who succumbed during a LATAM flight from Miami to Santiago, Chile, on August 14. The 56-year-old pilot was declared deceased upon the aircraft’s arrival in Panama City.

As investigations and condolences continue to unfold, these instances serve as stark reminders of the physically demanding nature of aviation and the dedication of those who take to the skies.