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In preparation for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, extensive measures have been taken to monitor election expenses and curb electoral malpractices.

A total of 135 flying squads and 129 Standing Survey Teams (SST) have been deployed across various constituencies. These teams, working under the supervision of district authorities, are tasked with overseeing candidate expenditures and ensuring adherence to electoral codes of conduct. At the district level, coordinating officers have been appointed to oversee cost control measures.

Additionally, an expenditure team has been established in each constituency, working in coordination with various other teams such as Video Survey Teams (VST), Video Inspection Teams (VVT), and Media Monitoring and Certification Committees (MCMC).

Specifically, 21 assembly constituencies under four Lok Sabha constituencies have been allocated 135 FST teams and 129 SST teams. Notably, the Bhor constituency hosts 15 FSTs, with the remaining constituencies having 6 FSTs each. Similarly, Bhor Assembly Constituency accommodates 9 SSTs, while others have 6 SSTs each.

They play a crucial role in preventing the movement of cash, liquor, and prohibited substances aimed at influencing voters. They also investigate violations of the code of conduct and address complaints received through the Civil and Control Room.

Furthermore, public meetings and political rallies are meticulously monitored through VSTs, with observations shared with the expenditure teams. MCMC diligently tracks candidates’ advertising expenditures in newspapers and electronic media, ensuring transparency in election spending.

These measures, coupled with collaboration from the Income Tax and State Excise Departments, aim to uphold the integrity of the electoral process by verifying candidate expenses, thereby promoting fair and transparent elections.

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