Maharashtra’s First Crime Using Artificial Intelligence Committed in Virar

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has started to be used for crime by criminals as the first crime by artificial intelligence has been registered in the state. In Virar, pornographic photos of young women have been created with the help of artificial intelligence. This has created a stir.

As per information, Arnala Police of Virar have arrested the accused, identified as Jeet Nijaai, who created obscene pictures of young women using artificial intelligence. The accused is the son of a police officer working in the Mumbai Police Force.

This accused had created obscene photos of young women of the village in the telegram app on mobile with the help of artificial intelligence. He opened an account on Instagram and Snapchat in the name of another boy and sent these obscene photos to girls in the village.

The victim was shocked after seeing the viral photos. After the victim girl told the incident in Arnala police station, the police registered a case against the accused under various sections including POSCO and arrested him.

The police have found photos of many young women of the village in the phone of the accused. Police said this is the first crime in Maharashtra where AI technology has been used.

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