Major Accident : Four Dead and Eight Severely Injured In Accident on Mumbai-Nashik Highway

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A devastating accident occurred on the Mumbai-Nashik highway in Thane district, resulting in a collision between a truck and a black and yellow car (taxi). Near Khadavli Fata, the speeding trailer forcefully struck the black and yellow car while attempting to cross the road.

This horrifying incident took place early in the morning around 8 o’clock, claiming the lives of four individuals on the spot. Additionally, eight people sustained injuries in the accident. Promptly after the collision, the local police and residents rushed to the scene.

The injured victims were taken to a rural hospital in Padgha for immediate medical attention, while those with severe injuries were admitted to a private hospital. According to reports, the black and yellow car was carrying passengers near the Khadavali fork on the Mumbai-Nashik highway.

Authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into the accident, seeking to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the collision. The Padgha Police are investigating the incident.

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