Major Disaster Averted: Vistara Flights Narrowly Escape Catastrophic Collision at Delhi Airport

Vistara Cancellations: Airline cancels flights amid disruptions; Centre seeks report, DGCA requires Daily Updates

Vistara Cancellations: Airline cancels flights amid disruptions; Centre seeks report, DGCA requires Daily Updates

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DELHI AIRPORT: The Delhi International Airport was the site of a harrowing near-miss on Wednesday morning, as a critical incident unfolded involving two Vistara airline aircraft. In a shocking turn of events, one aircraft was cleared for takeoff even as another was on the verge of landing on a parallel runway. Swift intervention from the Air Traffic Control (ATC) averted what could have been a catastrophic collision.

According to available information, the flight designated as UK725, en route from Delhi to Bagdogra, was in the process of taking off from the recently inaugurated runway. Simultaneously, another Vistara aircraft traveling from Ahmedabad to Delhi was on the final approach for landing on a runway parallel to the takeoff runway.

The ATC, recognizing the imminent danger, promptly assumed control of the situation. In a decisive move, the ATC officer overseeing operations instructed the Vistara aircraft attempting to take off to immediately halt the process.

In a remarkable display of coordination and swift action, the aircraft that had commenced its takeoff was swiftly guided back from the active runway to a designated parking bay. Ensuring the utmost safety, the aircraft underwent re-fueling procedures to provide the pilot with the necessary resources in the event of unfavorable weather conditions at the intended destination, Bagdogra. Furthermore, a thorough assessment of the aircraft’s braking system was conducted to guarantee its readiness for future operations.

The gravitas of the incident cannot be overstated, as the slightest delay or miscalculation could have led to a catastrophic collision in the air or on the runway.

This unsettling incident serves as a stark reminder of the paramount importance of precise coordination and adherence to safety protocols in the bustling environment of an international airport. The expeditious actions of the ATC personnel undoubtedly played a pivotal role in averting a potential disaster that could have had far-reaching repercussions.

By Shreyas Vange