Mhalunge & Balewadi residents irked over increasing garbage issues

Mhalunge & Balewadi residents irked over increasing garbage issues

Mhalunge & Balewadi residents irked over increasing garbage issues

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By: Pune Pulse

October 12, 2023

Pune: Residents of the Mhalunge & Balewadi area are troubled by loads of garbage & waste lying behind Balewadi stadium which has become a cause of several problems and health issues.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Vaibhav Dhole, a resident of Pristine Equilife Homes, Mhalunge said, “There are 2 to 3 major societies here. Everyone was given a commitment that a DP Road will be developed from here. However, the DP road hasn’t been developed yet. Due to the road not being developed, there are other roads which are used for commuting. There is an open space on the road. Several nearby hotel workers, passerby, etc. dump their waste in that space. The waste dump keeps piling up & increases every day. Also, due to rains in the past, huge quantity of rainwater accumulates on the road which gets mixed with the waste. Sewage water comes here. This is so unhygienic that people have to face issues like bad odour, diseases, no clear path to walk or commute etc.”

Vasant P, a resident of Pristine Equilife Homes, Mhalunge said, “Garbage dumping takes place here frequently. Almost 1/4th of the road has been occupied by dumped garbage. That road also doesn’t have streetlights. People have to face foul smell, narrow road issues and many more.”

Yashpal Adpawar, a resident of Pristine Equilife Homes, Mahalunge said, “That entire road seems like a dumping zone due to the huge quantity of garbage piled up there. As we live in the same area, we get it cleaned. However, several people still keep dumping waste here. It keeps increasing every day. The land is a private property & no fencing or any other safety arrangements are not put there. So, this has become a dumping zone where passerby throw waste bags. The garbage lies there with drainage water getting mixed with it etc.”

An X User tweeted, “This is a garbage road exactly behind Balewadi Stadium. All societies behind this are facing a lot of issues, because of this already there are so many diseases. PMC should take care of this cleaning daily.”

Ameya Jagtap, a member of Balewadi Welfare Federation said, “The space has become an ignored zone with waste getting dumped every day. It has become a dump yard. We have requested the PMC to create a timetable which will mention which roads get cleaned at what date & time etc & publish it. By this, active citizens can get to know which roads get cleaned on what day. Citizen involvement is also a must in this. This condition is the same on several roads in the city like service roads etc.”

Girish Dapkekar, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, PMC Aundh-Baner Ward Office said, “The concerned department is alerted and soon action will be taken. Soon, we will clear the garbage & find a permanent solution for this.”

Shreyas Vange