Miraj Sitar Receives Coveted GI Tag: A Triumph for Maharashtra’s Musical Heritage

Miraj Sitar Receives Coveted GI Tag: A Triumph for Maharashtra's Musical Heritage

Miraj Sitar Receives Coveted GI Tag: A Triumph for Maharashtra's Musical Heritage

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The bustling enclave of Miraj, renowned as the heartland of sitar and tanpura craftsmanship, is abuzz with jubilation following the recent conferment of a Geographical Indications (GI) tag on the iconic Miraj Sitar by the Government of India on March 30.

This milestone achievement brings a profound sense of relief to the artisans and stakeholders of the Miraj Musical Instrument Cluster, an amalgamation of skilled craftsmen dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich legacy of traditional musical instruments. Mohsin Mirajkar, the chairperson of Miraj Musical Instrument Cluster, elucidated the significance of this accolade, emphasizing the arduous journey involved in securing the GI registration.

“The application process for obtaining the GI tag is rigorous, involving meticulous scrutiny and a waiting period, during which potential objections from other entities loom large,” Mirajkar explained. “Our motivation stemmed from the need to safeguard the authenticity of Miraj instruments, as counterfeit products were diluting the market value of our craftsmanship.”

The quest for recognition led Mirajkar and his team to collaborate with esteemed institutions like NABARD Pune and sought-after experts like Dr. Rajani Kant, a recipient of the prestigious Padma Shri award. Their concerted efforts bore fruit on March 30, as the long-awaited announcement reverberated through the corridors of the Miraj Musical Instrument Cluster.

Reflecting on the emotional rollercoaster of anticipation, Mirajkar recounted the pivotal moment when the official confirmation materialized. “We anxiously monitored the status throughout the day, grappling with a mix of hope and apprehension. When the clock struck 6 pm and we discovered the inclusion of Miraj Sitar in the GI registry, it was a moment of unbridled joy,” he shared.

For generations, the artisans of Miraj have nurtured a tradition of excellence, elevating the craft of sitar making to unparalleled heights. While discerning enthusiasts may discern the distinctive characteristics of an authentic Miraj instrument, the GI tag serves as a beacon of authenticity, delineating the geographical heritage embedded within each masterpiece.

“Every region imparts its unique imprint on the design and musical resonance of its instruments. With the GI tag, the Miraj Sitar is now firmly anchored in its geographical roots, ensuring its legacy endures for posterity,” affirmed Mirajkar, encapsulating the profound significance of this prestigious recognition for Maharashtra’s rich musical heritage.

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