MSRDC Plans To Construct 2 More Tunnels on Mumbai-Pune Expressway

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Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Ltd (MSRDC) is planning to increase two more tunnels on Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

As per further information, considering the current increasing number of vehicles on the Pune Mumbai Expressway as well as the future growth, the six-lane road will have to be made eight-lane. 

For this, two more tunnels will be made in Borghat. This proposal of expenditure of about two and a half thousand crore rupees has been sent to the state government.

Although the expressway has a current capacity of plying around 60,000 vehicles, at present, more than 80,000 vehicles ply on this route. As the number of vehicles is more than the capacity, now there is a need to increase the lanes.

Hence, keeping in mind the future traffic congestion, the MSRDC has decided to make the Mumbai-Pune expressway of eight lanes.

Thus, two more tunnels will have to be made as per the requirement while making the Expressway eight-lane. Currently, two tunnels being constructed through ‘Missing Link’ are sufficient for increased capacity, but, considering the future, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Ltd will be testing two more tunnels.

About 160 hectares of land will be required for making the two tunnels. As this land is currently under the possession of the Forest Department, it is likely that it will be available soon with various permissions.

Shreyas Vange

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