MTDC’s unique concept ‘Work amidst nature’ offers stress free work environment

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Renuka Suryavanshi 

Coronavirus pandemic has brought a major change in the way we socialise. Being confined in four walls for a whole year and work from home has brought boredom among many people. 

The curfew imposed by our government in the face of this crisis is essential to stop the rapid spread of the coronavirus Given the current situation, examples from other countries and the efforts of our government, this situation is expected to improve by May 2021. Even after that, apart from tourism, the government still has food, health, employment, etc that will be a matter of priority. The crisis has led to a sharp decline in tourism business revenue. 

Tourist destinations have suffered heavy losses due to this pandemic. But Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation is implementing long term measures for tourists in the post-epidemic period.

Despite the curfew, cleaning, repair and sanitation work in the tourist accommodation has been started with due care. All the tourist residences for December and January were 100% full as they managed to carry out various disinfection measures for the tourist residences and ensure that their residences were good for health. Increasing urbanization has left people living in the actual city bored with the same crowds, mall culture, traffic jams, computer entertainment and overall stressful civic life. In such a case, it is natural to feel like going to a scenic place away from the city and working with it. 

People love to unwind amidst nature and often drive to mountains or seaside areas. The tourism business will flourish in the coming years by attracting tourists in different ways.  

What is the uniqueness of the MTDC resorts ? 
Tourists will be provided facilities for urgent medical purposes and if necessary, medical treatment will be provided at the tourist accommodation on the demand of the tourists. 

Ayurvedic extract, Vitamin C and D will be made available to tourists in the tourist accommodation.There is also a body temperature measuring system and a sanitizing spray. 

Masks, face shields, gloves etc. for employees has been arranged. 
Employees are being vaccinated against corona as a part of the fight against corona. 

Snacks, meals and other essential amenities are being provided to the tourists up to its rooms to avoid congestion in the corporation’s restaurant.

Special Scheme :  
The corporation is implementing a special scheme of considering the possibility of reduction in the number of tourists during the curfew. The employees of the corporation will be trained on caution and first aid. In addition, training will be conducted by hotel management experts to prepare the staff for the best possible service.

Work from Nature, Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot, Destination Wedding 
Free wifi zone; Prefer to work online in close proximity to nature
The growing number of corona patients has led to re-circulation. But after this curfew, the tourist residences of the corporation, which are scenic, will now be able to enjoy tourism by taking all precautions regarding the corona.

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has provided WiFi facility at various resorts in the state. The facilities in the tourist zone are free, while if a tourist requests, such facility will be provided in his living room.Along with “Work from Nature”, yoga and meditation facilities will be started in the first phase at Koyna nagar, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar. In the next phase, this facility will be available at resorts at Tarkarli, Ganpatipule, Malshejghat, Panshet,” said Deepak R Harane, Regional Manager, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation 
The corporation will announce concessions for such amateur tourists. Therefore, during the upcoming Corona and curfew, tourists will be able to avail special discounts on destination weddings, pre-wedding photo shoots, reception photoshoots, corporate meetings and “Work from Nature” at the Corporation’s tourist accommodation. 

Tourists had benefited from these schemes in large numbers in the months of December and January.

“Work from Nature” and “Work with Nature”
 Due to the growing number of corona patients, new “work from home” has been announced by IT and other companies. The office staff also suffers from mental fatigue by constantly working in the same environment. It also affects their purchasing power. Just as the working class has a problem, so do the executives, investors or traders, entrepreneurs working on various projects. 

A Wi-Fi zone has been provided at the resort of Maharashtra Tourism Corporation so that all such elements can work while enjoying tourism in scenic places.Therefore, the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has provided free WiFi zone facility at the resort on the tourist spot so that the bored employees and special tourists can work while enjoying the tourism. 

Accordingly, the concepts of “Work from Nature” and “Work with Nature” have been implemented on the lines of “Work from Home”.Therefore, the corporation is keen to double the enjoyment of tourism by working from a tourist destination close to nature. It will be possible to take a four- to five-day vacation, go to the resort, work on time and enjoy the rest of the time after the Corona curfew.This facility will help in removing obstacles in the way of work. Apart from this, it will be possible to get rid of the boredom of sitting in the same place every day and do good work by staying close to nature. The facility will be available at all MTDC resorts across the state in phases after the curfew and Corona.

Wellness Tourism and Peace Center : 
The current environment will focus on wellness – medical tourism. For those who have fully recovered from the corona infection, a guidance camp on delicious food and yoga therapy with foods that boost the immune system to prevent further corona infection will be organized for the tourists visiting the tourist accommodation.

Emphasis will be placed on providing facilities for Ayurvedic treatment and yoga therapy to the tourists recovering from corona infection, starting yoga sessions, setting up meditation centers to soothe troubled and mentally deranged minds. 

A Yoga, Meditation Center will be started for tourists along with “Work from Nature” in close proximity to nature.