Plasma Premier League aims at boosting plasma donation

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Pune based Vande Mantaram Sanghatna and Yuva Phoenix Society have taken an initiative ‘Plasma Premier League’ asking volunteers and other NGOs to join the movement and help patients get plasma promptly.

Renuka Suryavanshi 
In this programme, both the organisations are approaching Ganpati mandals, Dhol Tasha Pathaks (drummers group) and other volunteers based groups to participate and collect data of plasma donors, which further helps people in arranging plasma for their patients.

The initiative started on April 14, 2021 shall run till May 14,2021.

So far eleven NGOs have participated in the programme.

Vaibhav Wagh leading the Vande Mataram Sanghatana told Pune Pulse, ‘We get so many calls everyday from people asking help for so many things. Since plasma donation was a neglected area we decided to take up this and hence planned for this initiative. We have a database of people who have cured from Covid19 and our volunteers are educating them about plasma donation. Each of these groups is given a target of arranging plasma for at least 100 people. They should prove it on paper that they have provided help to so many patients. The first prize consists of Rs 50,000, second prize of Rs 30,000 and third prize of Rs 20,000, each group getting a trophy too. Our main motto is to help people get plasma on time which has become an important way of saving the life of a Covid19 patient.’

Wagh further added that we have also started with an initiative of Plasma Strike. In this, we are targeting maximum people in a short period. We are getting help from people of varied backgrounds, software professionals, senior citizens as well as students.  

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