Neral-Matheran shuttle service attracts over 3 lakh passengers during April-November 2023

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Neral-Matheran shuttle service attracts over 3 lakh passengers during April-November 2023

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The picturesque hill station of Matheran, situated near Mumbai, has always been a preferred destination for urban residents in search of a break from the bustling city life. One of the main reasons behind its immense popularity is the commendable initiative taken by the Central Railway to provide shuttle services connecting Neral/Aman Lodge and Matheran. 

This not only ensures a pleasant journey for tourists but also enables cost-effective and efficient transportation of goods and materials.

Between April and November 2023, the shuttle services accomplished an outstanding feat, transporting an astonishing 334,042 passengers and generating an impressive revenue of Rs. 2.36 crore. 

The senior officer of CR emphasized the significance of these figures, highlighting the crucial role of railways in offering secure and delightful travel experiences to individuals exploring this scenic destination.

The Neral-Matheran Shuttle Services continue to draw a larger number of tourists! In the period from April to November 2023, a total of 334,000 passengers availed the service, generating a revenue of 2.36 Crores for the railways. Furthermore, in the month of November 2023 alone, 46,447 passengers utilized the shuttle services, resulting in a revenue of 33.76 lakhs.

Central Railway’s dedication to ensuring accessibility to Matheran has not only established it as a top tourist destination but also as a location that fosters a deep connection with nature. 

According to the spokesperson, the shuttle services go beyond mere transportation, offering passengers an immersive experience that allows them to fully appreciate the breathtaking beauty of Matheran.

The toy train services have not only attracted tourists, but they have also played a crucial role in the economic growth of the region, as stated by CR. The efficient transportation of materials has undeniably contributed to the overall prosperity of these services.

The Toy train ride is undoubtedly one of the standout features of this transportation network. Not only does it serve as a means of transportation, but it also brings an extra touch of enchantment and thrill, making it a truly unforgettable experience for travelers. 

This journey goes beyond the ordinary, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the tranquil and picturesque surroundings of Matheran. These sentiments were expressed by officials, highlighting the unique and captivating nature of this nostalgic train ride.

An official from CR stated that the railways in Matheran serve as a representation of effective connectivity and contribute to the continuous success of this cherished hill station. These services not only connect individuals but also allow them to experience the abundant natural heritage of Matheran, ensuring a seamless and delightful travel experience.

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