New Pune Terminal may open by April 15 | Tap to know updates 

Pune civil aviation expert suggests creation of several facilities at Pune Airport

Pune civil aviation expert suggests creation of several facilities at Pune Airport

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The opening of Pune airport’s new terminal, scheduled for around April 15, brings hope for a smoother travel experience with its five baggage conveyor belts. Passengers and experts are optimistic that the new facility will alleviate the frequent chaos experienced during baggage collection in the current terminal.

With the summer schedule looming, aviation experts caution against increasing flight movements and instead advocate for better management of existing flights to prevent congestion.
The transition to the new terminal is underway, with various departments, including cargo and Customs, already in the process of shifting operations.Testing of the in-line baggage check-in system is in progress, pending approval from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security.

Although the original target for the terminal’s opening was April 1, uncertainties remain as work progresses.
Renovation plans for the existing building include repurposing the arrival area into a departure zone with additional counters, while the first floor will be transformed into a security hold area. Parts of the old building will undergo refurbishment for continued use, with existing baggage belts set to be dismantled.
Former airport director Deepak Shastri advises cautious management of flight schedules, recommending against additional flights during peak hours and urging a reduction in overnight flights to ease congestion.
While the expansion of baggage belts in the new terminal brings optimism, prudent management of flight schedules is crucial to ensure smooth operations.
The new terminal represents a significant step forward in improving the passenger experience at Pune airport.

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