Nivedita Terrace saves on electricity bills by installing rooftop solar panels

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Nivedita Terrace, a society of 90 flats in Wanowrie has been successfully composting its wet waste and generating electricity from its rooftop solar panels. 

Renuka Suryavanshi 

The society has been composting its wet waste for nearly 15 years now and electricity generation has been there for the last five years.
The society is availing 10 percent rebate on its property tax too for conducting these eco friendly initiatives from Pune Municipal Corporation. 

Speaking to Pune Pulse, secretary, Komal Bablani said, “The wet waste is composted in the pits made within the premises of the society. The wet waste collected from each house is composted by using ash and cocopit. It takes around 3 months to get the perfect manure which is used in the society garden as well as taken by a few members.” 

In order to cut down on the electricity bills, the society also installed rooftop solar panels which helps in saving their electricity consumption which happens mainly in the lobby lights, common areas and water pumps. 

Komal further said, “The society’s rooftop solar project has the capacity of 15 kWp on grid net metering which helps them generate 4 units of electricity everyday. This is commonly used for the common areas and water pumps where the consumption is high. The project was installed approximately five  years ago.” 

The society’s management committee consisting of Vinod Nair, chairman, Komal Bablani, secretary and Ashish Pereira as the treasurer are happy that they are composting their waste and contributing in conservation of the environment.