Nyati Exotica in Mohamadwadi implements eco friendly initiatives

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Residents of Nyati Exotica in Mohamadwadi area have been following several eco-friendly initiatives in order to save pollution.
The society has rooftop solar panels, rain water harvesting, vermiculture and water treatment plant.

The society of 92 flats has been ensuring that the waste generated in the society is composted within its premises.
The abundant solar energy available is generated into heat which helps them to give hot water for bathing. This plant gives 1800 LPD water.
The rooftop terrace of the area of about 18000 sq feet accumulates rain water which is then directed to three underground tube wells which helps in maintaining ground water table.

The vermi culture project of the society generates over 80 kgs of wet waste daily The society then puts it into the pits for processing it into Compost. The wet garbage is rotated and retained further for composting for over three months when it becomes valuable compost fertilizer.

The society recently made a ramps in their 3 buildings which provides safe accessibility to the medical patients and elderly on wheel chair to the lift of the buildings.
The society also plans to install Rooftop Solar Panels soon.