Over 1,00,000 Water Meters Successfully Installed Across Pune Residences

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The swift installation of water meters in Pune has reached a significant milestone, with more than 100,000 water meters already operational in homes throughout the city.

Sources indicate that plans are underway to install an additional 191,000 water meters, establish 83 new water tanks, and lay out approximately 1,600 kilometers of fresh water channels.

While the endeavor to introduce water meters began in 2017, a two-year hiatus ensued due to the Covid-19 pandemic and certain administrative delays.

The comprehensive goal entails the installation of a total of 318,000 water meters citywide.

Pune Pulse sought to connect with pertinent Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) officials, but efforts to establish contact proved unsuccessful.

Complications arising from a scarcity of microchips in the market posed challenges to procuring water meters. Nonetheless, with the availability of meters now rectified, the installation process is projected to conclude by the end of December.

Despite the accomplishment of surpassing the 100,000 water meter installation mark, the PMC currently continues to levy water taxes. However, once a 100% water meter installation is achieved, water billing will transition to a consumption-based calculation.

The ongoing meter implementation facilitates the monitoring of water distribution to specific areas, enabling the PMC to exercise more effective control over water supply management.

Shreyas Vange

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