Pakistani influencer’s video of Heera Mandi in Lahore goes viral

Pakistani influencer’s video of Heera Mandi in Lahore goes viral

Pakistani influencer’s video of Heera Mandi in Lahore goes viral

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A video by a Pakistani influencer showcasing present-day Heera Mandi in Lahore has gone viral, prompting a wide array of reactions on social media. The clip was shared on the Instagram page. The Orange Wall captures the transformation of Heera Mandi into a vibrant food hub for local cuisine and history enthusiasts.

Heeramandi recently gained renewed attention due to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s OTT debut named after the historic area. The video, which offers a virtual tour of the locale, highlights the enduring charm and grandeur of Heera Mandi, now also known as the Old City or Androon Sheher.

“To those who can’t visit in person, here is a virtual tour of present-day Heera Mandi, Lahore. Known now as the Old City and Androon Sheher, it is still holding on to the grandeur and magnanimity of days gone by. Broken, worn down in some places, but still full of life. It is now a food hub for local cuisine and history enthusiasts alike,” reads the caption accompanying the video.

The video opens with a beautiful performance by a singer, setting the tone for the tour. It then takes viewers through the lively streets of Heera Mandi, featuring puppet shows, a horse carriage ride, and a variety of delicious foods. 

This glimpse into modern-day Heera Mandi has sparked varied reactions, with some viewers expressing nostalgia for the area’s rich history and others appreciating its current role as a cultural and culinary hotspot. 

The video was shared earlier this month, and since then, it has accumulated nearly 4.1 lakh views. The video has further collected nearly 4,7000 likes. People posted varied comments while reacting to the share.

What did Instagram users say about this video?

“What is the area called now?” asked an Instagram user. 

The influencer replied, “Food Street, Old Lahore, Androon Sheher.” 

The Instagram user then questioned, “Does it still have haveli? Liked shown on the show?” 

The influencer wrote, “Ah yes, there are still countless havelis preserved. Some have been turned into public offices, universities, and heritage sites. We will cover them all soon!”

Another added, “That puppet show was probably my favorite thing, gotta preserve the arts!”

However, not everyone was happy with the video. Just like this individual who wrote, “Why are people promoting this place?”.

Courtesans in Heera Mandi were at their height of power in the Mughal era (1500s—mid-1800s). During the British era, it was relegated to a red-light zone. The place was shuttered following a police crackdown in 2009, putting an end to the brothels of the place

The video continues to garner attention and praise, reflecting the area’s unique blend of historical