Parivartan Panel Secures Victory in Roseland Residency Society Elections

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Roseland Residency, a prestigious society in Pimpri Chinchwad, recently held its much-anticipated management committee elections. The election took place under the supervision of the Election Commissioner on June 25, 2023, with two panels vying for victory. The Parivartan Panel, campaigning on the agenda of change and transparency, competed against the Roseland Panel, which had held power for the past decade.

The election witnessed an exhilarating affair with extensive campaigning efforts from both sides to reach out to individual voters. The residents were thrilled, leading to a total of 382 votes, with the voting rate increasing throughout the day. The excitement reached its peak at 5:30 pm when the counting process commenced.

In a resounding victory, the Parivartan Panel secured all 17 out of 17 seats, surpassing the ten-year-old panel by a significant margin. Approximately 79% of residents voted in favor of the Parivartan Panel, giving a clear mandate for change.

Expressing his gratitude, Sandeep Thenge, a member of the Parivartan Panel, said, “It is a blessing and a testament to the trust shown by residents who bestowed us with a large number of votes. Now, our responsibility is even greater as we strive to prove ourselves worthy of this trust. As a panel comprising common residents, it is a victory for the common members, and we will demonstrate that we are the best choice for transparency, good governance, and the management of major projects. We aim to create a vibrant environment for senior citizens, children, and promote women empowerment, where women can actively participate and feel accommodated.”

Vaishali Deshpande, the top choice of the voters with 290 votes, expressed her joy, stating, “It is a great pleasure to be a part of Roseland and the Parivartan Panel. We had a panel of four women, and it has been a completely different experience to visit members’ homes and understand their concerns. I am excited to serve women and senior citizens.”

Babita Banerjee shared her energetic campaign experiences, saying, “The moments of campaigning and reaching out to residents were filled with energy. We visited nearly 800 flats across 29 buildings, climbing approximately 6,000 stair steps four times in the last two weeks. The enthusiasm was unstoppable, and it was the blessings from the residents that made us all winners.”

Chandan Chaurasia, the backbone of the Parivartan Panel, expressed great excitement about the change. He emphasized the diverse expertise of the panel members, including yoga professionals, auditors, tax consultants, businessmen, IT professionals, government officers, teachers, and senior citizens. Chaurasia added, “This team has dedicated the past three years to driving a common agenda of member engagement and understanding their problems. Through this connection, our panel achieved a resounding victory. With this change comes responsibility, and I am confident that it will bring a new way of working and foster a culture of togetherness in Roseland Residency.”

Throughout the process, Sandeep Jadhav and Vishal Marane led the campaign and rallied the team, contributing to the comprehensive victory of the entire panel.

Shankar Jagtap, Shatrughan Kate, Vithhal (Nana) Kate, Kunda Bhise, and Ankit Bhise visited Roseland Residency Pimple Saudagar to bless the Parivartan Panel and show their support.