Mireya Foundation Places People First: Eye Check-Up Camp for Allianz Technology Employees

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At Mireya Foundation, our priority has always been the well-being of people. Recently, our dedicated team organized a two-day eye check-up camp for the employees of Allianz Technology Pune, a multinational German MNC. The objective was to emphasize the significance of prioritizing eye health and working towards a brighter and clearer future.

The camp was led by experienced ophthalmologist Dr. Rakesh Goud (M.S Ophthalmology), with support from Dr. Bhavana Goud (MBBS, DGO) and a team of dedicated volunteers. These eye check-up camps serve a dual purpose: diagnosing and treating various eye conditions while also creating awareness about the importance of regular eye check-ups and maintaining optimal eye health.

During the camp, our skilled ophthalmologists conducted comprehensive eye examinations, effectively detecting and diagnosing various eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, refractive errors, and more. Patients received appropriate treatments, including prescribed eye drops, prescription glasses, or referrals for surgical interventions when necessary.

At Mireya Foundation, we genuinely care about eye care and are committed to making a positive impact on people’s lives