PMC hides garbage dump behind green curtains on Senapati Bapat Road

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Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has been working on beautifying the city, but it has been noticed that a garbage dump located on Senapati Bapat Road in Pune in front of the J W Marriott hotel has been hidden behind green curtains.

The curtains, which have been installed to obscure the view of the dump, have been described as a “band-aid solution” that does not address the underlying issue of improper waste disposal and management. The PMC have to invest in more sustainable and long-term solutions, such as recycling and composting programs, to address the problem of garbage in the city.

Even the ladies who are cleaning the road are cleaning the front side only. The garbage dump is covered by green curtains.

It is important for the PMC to not only focus on beautification but also address the underlying issues of waste management, and work towards sustainable solutions that would benefit the community in the long run.

“We are trying to clean all the areas surrounding and our team is also working hard for it”, said Ravi Khandare, ward officer Shivaji Nagar – Ghole road ward commissioner.

When talking with Shivajirao Nalawade, Sanitary Inspector Shivajinagar – Ghole road ward office, PMC he said, “We are working for beautification of the city. Our team is taking the efforts to clean the area, and if any corner is remaining we will definitely clean it as soon as possible”.

Nivedita Kelapure

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