Police raid on Prostitution Racket in Chopda, Jalgaon ; 60 Women Rescued, 11 Brokers Apprehended

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A shocking sex racket has been exposed in Jalgaon, North Maharashtra, where 60 girls were rescued from the clutches of 10 middle-aged women operating the flesh trade. 

This incident serves as a grim reminder of the 1994 sex scandal, where 300-500 women were raped by businessmen, politicians, and criminals.

During the raid, which took place on Wednesday (20th), around 6 pm, a team comprising Chopda sub-divisional police officer Kunal Sonwane, city police inspector Madhukar Savle, and rural police station police inspector Kaveri Kamalakar raided the illegal brothel operating behind the municipality in Chopda.

A total of 60 women, including young women from the district and outside the state, were found during the raid. Efforts are underway to file a case against the 11 women who were running the Kuntankhana(brothel) in Chopda. 

It has been discovered that young women from West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Nepal were brought to this area for prostitution. The swift action taken by the police to prevent such activities has been welcomed by the citizens.

This operation involved six police personnel. The police acted promptly upon noticing the presence of four home guards at Kuntankhana and immediately detained the women involved in the illegal activities.

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