Poonam Pandey excluded as potential ambassador for government’s cervical cancer awareness campaign

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Health ministry officials have confirmed that actor Poonam Pandey is not being considered as the brand ambassador for the government’s national campaign on cervical cancer awareness. 

Earlier reports suggested that discussions were underway between Pandey’s team and ministry officials regarding her potential role in the campaign. 

On February 2, Poonam Pandey’s team orchestrated a death stunt to raise ‘critical awareness’ about cervical cancer, claiming the actor had succumbed to the disease. 

However, a day later, Pandey released a video asserting her continued existence and emphasizing the importance of awareness and prevention in cervical cancer cases.

While Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced in the interim budget speech the government’s commitment to encouraging vaccination among girls aged 9-14 to prevent cervical cancer, Poonam Pandey’s involvement in the awareness campaign has been ruled out. 

The UnionHealth Ministry continues to closely monitor cervical cancer incidence in the country, focusing on preventive measures and early detection.

India, with approximately 16% of the world’s women, accounts for about a quarter of global cervical cancer incidence and nearly a third of cervical cancer deaths. 

The government aims to address this by promoting vaccination and creating awareness about preventive measures against cervical cancer.

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