Pranksters dialling 112 to face stern action : Pune Police

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Pune: Police department has introduced a new system, “Dial 112”, to provide immediate help to complainants in the event of an accident or any other crime. Complainants can get help within ten minutes of making a phone call. However, fake calls to the 112 number are not allowed and those making them can face criminal charges, said police officials.

K K Kamble, who heads the ‘dial 112’ Pune team, said that, yes there are some people who dial 112 and use to give false or unnecessary information.To curb such calls, we have decided to take action against such callers.

The state government has provided a toll-free number, Dial 112, to replace all other emergency numbers. An independent control unit has been set up at police stations to ensure quick responses to complaints. The new system was launched on 27 September 2022, and modern police vehicles have been made available to police stations to provide quick responses to complainants.

Nevertheless, the police have reported that fake calls remain a problem and can be disruptive to their work. Illegal activities, domestic violence, child neglect, loneliness and other social problems must be addressed through appropriate channels, rather than calling the police unnecessarily.

Police told that those making fake calls will face charges. It is crucial for everyone to be aware of the serious consequences of making fake calls and to avoid causing any unnecessary trouble.