Pune Airport : Foreign Currency worth Rs 1.5 Crores Seized From Two Passengers

Pune Pulse
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In two separate instances of vigilant profiling, Pune Customs authorities have successfully intercepted passengers attempting to smuggle significant amounts of foreign currency out of the country.

The first case occurred on July 25, 2023, when a passenger destined for Dubai via flight SG-51 was apprehended with AED 42,610, equivalent to a tariff value of Rs. 9,22,000/-. Subsequently, on July 31, 2023, three passengers also bound for Dubai on the same flight were caught carrying a substantial sum of foreign currency, totaling AED 651,805, with a tariff value of Rs. 1,41,11,578.

These incidents have exposed the audacious attempts to bypass permissible limits on foreign currency exports. The seized amounts have been held due to exceeding legal thresholds. Authorities have launched a comprehensive investigation into these cases to uncover potential networks involved in these smuggling endeavors.

The Pune Custom’s department’s proactive profiling measures serve as a critical deterrent against illicit currency movements, safeguarding the integrity of cross-border financial transactions.