Pune based 4 yr old child becomes youngest pianist playing national anthem

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Renuka Suryavanshi—————————————————————————

Sinhagad road resident, Raghav Malpani, a four year old has been recognized by World Records India as Youngest Pianist Playing National Anthem and Multiple Songs. 

Raghav, a 4 year old kid, is studying in Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune. His mother, Sonal Malpani shares, “His keen interest in music led him to learn piano without any professional help. He started learning piano before turning 4 and his mother and elder sister are his first piano teachers. He learned to play the piano just by listening the tunes played by his mother and sister and even he doesn’t know the lyrics of the same. ” 

The 4 year old kid can effortlessly play various songs and the national anthem. He has also performed live on various Facebook groups like Taare Zameen par, Marwadis, etc. and also played live in Ganesh Festival. 
Noting his remarkable abilities, World Records India has recorded his name as Youngest pianist. He has his own YouTube channel named, Raghav-The Rising Sensation. He absolutely adores all kinds of music. His abilities have been highly appreciated by lots of people including School teachers and Mrinalini Bhosale, the Principal of his school.