Pune: Bhandarkar road to Garware College connecting road needs working signals, immediately

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Residents and commuters in the area of Prabhat Road between Street No. 7 and 8 are facing challenges due to non-operational signals on the connecting road between Bhandarkar and Garware College. The signals have been out of service for more than three months, causing significant traffic delays and congestion in the area.Authorities have been notified of the situation and are taking measures to resolve the issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, residents are advised to plan their trips and allow extra time for their commute.Motorists are urged to exercise caution while driving through the area and follow traffic rules to ensure the safety of all road users. 

When Pune Pulse spoke to Nitin Salunke, Deccan Traffic Police said, “The signals were working before 3 months but residents requested us to turn it off because it is time consuming and vehicles piled up one behind the other which caused inconvenience to the people. Later, we did turn it on but due to technical issues, it is not working. We will do our best to start them as soon as possible.” 

Ritesh Sonawane, a commuter, said, “This is my daily road to office and It is dangerous at a four-road junction. Signals have not been working here for many months. There is a lot of traffic during peak hours. The junction is connected to Karve road and is parallel to Kamla Nehru park and so all commuters use these roads.” 

Nividita Kelapure 

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