Pune Civil Aviation Expert writes letter to Central Ministry for action against various Pune airport issues

Red-eye flights could help Pune Airport in filling 38 empty slots

Red-eye flights could help Pune Airport in filling 38 empty slots

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Dhairyashil Vandekar, a Civil Aviation Expert based in Pune, had requested the Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia on 9 Feb, 2024, to kindly take action on various issues/public demands pertaining to Pune Airport (Lohegaon).

As per further information shared by Dhairyashil Vandekar, following are the issues/public demands:

  • 1. As the airport will witness heavy rush during the summer vacation season that will start shortly, there is an urgent need to expedite opening of the New Integrated Terminal Building (NITB) for use by passengers. Presently, Pune airport is handling passengers almost 28% beyond its capacity. Opening of the NITB will greatly ease things for passengers as the new building is more spacious in comparison with the existing terminal.
  • 2. With increase in city side area, cabs must be permitted to pick-up passengers from NITB after its inauguration, so that passengers are not forced to take the long walk upto the Aeromall with their baggage. This will also reduce the traffic congestion at the Aeromall.
  • 3. Minimum 10-day slots are reserved for UDAN flights at Pune Airport to make the flight operations more commercially and socially inclusive and serve the national interest by achieving the objectives of the RCS envisioned by the Prime Minister for people.
  • 4. Requirement of more number of elevators with larger capacity to carry passengers coming from/going to Aeromall from the airport – especially senior citizens, unwell, and ladies/families with children, and their baggage from/to FOB near Airport Departure Entrance. The present single elevator has very limited capacity to carry passengers and gets crowded even with just a couple of baggage trollies.
  • 5. Appointment of a PRO (Public Relations Officer) for Pune Airport.
  • 6. Installation of CAT IIIB ILS at Lohegaon airport so that flights can land/take off from Pune airport in poor visibility and flights are not disrupted.
  • 7. Demand for a dedicated Lounge in NITB for the Defence personnel on active duty.
  • 8. Extension of existing runway by at least 3000 feet.
  • 9. MoCA requested for kind intervention for extension of Pune Metro upto the Lohegaon airport.
  • 10. Urgent need to increase international connectivity from Pune airport especially to ME, SEA and Europe which the local industries have been demanding since a very long time.
  • 11. Provide extension to UDAN flights on Pune-Belagavi and Pune-Nashik sectors or commence regular commercial flights on these sectors.

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