Pune: Dr Amol Kolhe responds to Team WACO’s letter demanding accountability on development works in Wagholi held from 2019 to 2024 

Pune : Dr Amol Kolhe responds to Team WACO's letter demanding accountability on development works in Wagholi held from 2019 to 2024 

Pune : Dr Amol Kolhe responds to Team WACO's letter demanding accountability on development works in Wagholi held from 2019 to 2024 

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Shirur MP Dr Amol Kolhe has responded to Team Wagholi Against Corruption Organization (WACO) as they sought accountability from Dr Amol Kolhe about works done for Wagholi from 2019 to 2024.

As per further information from the X handle of Dr Amol Kolhe “A detailed answer to the questions raised by an alert citizen of Wagholi and president of WACO Welfare Association Anil Kumar Mishra! I have often elaborated on each and every point on multiple mediums. Still, if some citizens want an answer again, I consider myself responsible as a representative of the people, that’s why this letter is written. Just as the representatives of the people are accountable, the elected government is also bound to answer every question of the citizens. Soon, two crore jobs every year, government assets sold by saying ‘Desh nahi bikne dunga’, calculation of PM CARES fund, calculation of electoral bonds, industries heckled from Maharashtra, ban on onion exports, fall in milk prices, loss of farmers due to lack of price for soybeans and cotton etc. It is hoped that people will get answers to all these questions!”

As per further from Dr Amol Kolhe’s letter accessed by Pune Pulse, “You have asked for the information about the works done by me for Wagholi area during the period from 2019 to 2024. It is really a good thing for democracy that you are aware as a conscious citizen, a conscious voter. We sincerely appreciate it.”

“You have raised an issue regarding Wagholi water scheme. In this context, I would like to tell you that the pipeline laying work of Wagholi water scheme under PMRDA was stopped for about 8-9 months due to the opposition of the local villagers of Vadhu village. They demanded that roads and drainage should be made. Accordingly, due to the efforts of me and MLA Ashok Pawar, PMRDA approved a fund of six and a half crores for road work. Accordingly, the road work is in the final stage. Therefore, the hurdle in this work has been removed and 85 percent of the work has been completed. WTP is done. Therefore, the remaining 15 percent work including the filtration plant will be completed in one and a half months. Therefore, it is expected that the water in the Wagholi area will be released in the next few months.”

“The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has sanctioned a fund of Rs 7514.60 crore for the elevated road between Ramwadi Junction and Shirur due to continuous follow-up for the last two and a half to three years considering the traffic congestion problem of Wagholi. Currently, the tender process for this work is going on. So, this work will actually start after the completion of the code of conduct. This information is given in detail in my work report.”

“Within a few months of becoming an MP in June 2019, the Model Code of Conduct for Assembly Elections came into effect. After that, while the government was being formed in the state, due to the pandemic of Covid-19, the business around the world came to a standstill. Lockdown and then a year passed until the situation came under control. But during this year, before the government started the vaccination campaign, 5 lakh citizens of the constituency were vaccinated free of charge through the CSR fund of the Serum Institute. Boosted the morale of health workers by going around himself during the Covid crisis. Through activities like medical kits, grain kits, community kitchens, my office provided 24-hour service to provide beds to patients, supply ventilators, oxygen to hospitals. It forced the central government to reduce the price of a pill called Fabi Flu by 40 percent. So, lakhs of patients in the country have benefited from it. It also includes the patients of Wagholi.”

“Due to the Covid crisis, the central government had canceled the MP fund for 2 years. But even in that situation, many works in the constituency were done through various means. Despite the large constituency of around 1500 villages and 80 wards of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad Municipalities combined, efforts have been made to provide funds to as many villages as possible. Therefore, a fund of Rs 1 crore was approved for road works in Wagholi area from the Urban Development Special Fund. Accordingly, 1) Road opposite Oxy evolve society (Near Raisoni College) Rs. 20 Lakhs, 2) Balaji Park Lane 2 Wagholi Kesnand Road, Rs. 10 lakhs, 3) Bailey V Co-operative Society, Kesnand Road, Wagholi, Rs. 7 lakhs, 4) Siddhi Park Society, Lane No. 1, Wagholi, Rs. 10 Lakhs, 6) Opposite Sai Crystal Society Road 20 Lakhs, 7) Oxy Ultima Society, Kesnand Road, Rs. 30 lakhs, such works have been done. Correspondence was made with the Pune Municipal Corporation to drain the drainage water accumulated in Lane No. 4 of Kalubai Nagar. Due to this, the work of drainage line could be done.”

“The question that remains is that the people of Wagholi can benefit from my rhetoric, but I would like to humbly say that your statement is surprising and without study. Each MP, MLA, corporator, sarpanch, gram panchayat member has defined working class. According to this, it is the job of MPs to raise issues of inflation, women, farmers and workers in various parliaments, talk about the government’s wrong policies. We would like to point out that it is wrong that you are expecting Gram Panchayat and Municipal level matters to be raised in Parliament. But at the same time MLA Adv Ashok Pawar and I have held many meetings with PMRDA Commissioner and Pune Municipal Commissioner regarding the problems of Wagholi.”

“Encroachments causing accidents and traffic jams in Wagholi area, unauthorized constructions that have changed the flow of natural streams have been followed up many times. PMRDA has been persistently requested to prepare a multimodal mobility plan for Pune city road. In the meeting with the Guardian Minister, we insisted that the Pune Metro should be made up to Shirur and not only till Wagholi.”

“Therefore, provision has been made in elevated corridors to carry out metro projects in future. The stalled Pune Nashik Semi High Speed ​​Rail project has been brought to the final stage of approval. Also, in this project, provision of logistics rack at Wagholi was made in DPR. Meetings of the concerned bodies were held to clear the hurdles in the work of Wagholi to Shirur road under the ‘HAM’ project. At the same time, instructions were given to the Public Works Department to prepare an alternative road plan.”

“Took free health checkup camps. Organized breast cancer screening camps for my mothers and sisters. So far 15 thousand women have been screened. Hearing aids worth 3.5 crores were distributed free of charge to senior citizens, camps were organized for free surgery of many patients, especially children.”

“I don’t see why you should feel sorry for organizing drama, free of charge, of Shivputra Sambhaji Mahanatya. I have been trying to convey the glorious history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj to the grassroots of the society since many years, before I was elected as an MP. Sir, I want to clarify one thing that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj are not subjects of my politics. My moral responsibility is to do this work. By mocking him like this, I think you are somehow insulting both these great men.”

“I think I have answered all your questions. Information about the work done has also been given. Also sending my work report. So, information about the works done by me can be obtained from this report. Thank you!”

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