Pune : Dress code for entry into Kasba Mandir

Pune : Dress code for entry into Kasba Mandir

Pune : Dress code for entry into Kasba Mandir

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At Kasba Ganpati Mandir, an unusual banner has been seen which says, “Instructions regarding entry to the temple.”

Talking to a member of the Maharashtra Temple Federation Sunil Dhanwat said, “I believe that if people are visiting a religious place they should be dressed accordingly, just the way there is a dress code for other occasions, there should be one for temples as well. I have seen people wearing short clothes in Mandir, torn pants, and very indecent clothes to a place which is very sacred. This rule has been implemented in all the 434 temples in Maharashtra. We have been working towards this initiative for a year and implementing it now.”

A local vendor selling flowers near the temple said, “I think this is the right decision and people should dress appropriately while visiting temples.”

The social administrator of Shree Kasba Ganpati Mandal Akshay Dhere said, “I don’t know anything about this. Will have to inquire about the situation.”

The rules on the banner said :

•Do not enter the temple wearing indecent or ragged clothes (ex. ripped/torn jeans).

•Devotees and pilgrims should enter the temple wearing sattvic attire as per the Indian culture.

•Cooperate with the temple administration by following the culture.

It concluded by saying, “It is a religious duty to protect the integrity of the temple!”

Manasi Patil 

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