Pune : F Residence Society In Balewadi Implements Multiple Eco-Friendly Initiatives To Preserve Environment

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In a commendable effort to prioritize environmental conservation, F Residences, a society based in Balewadi, Pune, has implemented numerous eco-friendly initiatives for maintenance and ecological preservation.

Madhusudan Bansal, Chairman of F Residences, Balewadi, Pune shared details of the various eco-friendly measures undertaken by the society:

Solar Power: F Residences currently has a 15 kW capacity of solar panels installed, generating an average of 2700 kWh (units) of energy per month. The project to upgrade the capacity to 180 kW is in progress and expected to complete by July end.

Rainwater Harvesting: The society has established a dedicated rainwater harvesting line that feeds four rainwater harvesting chambers located at each corner of the premises.

Wet Waste Processing: F Residences efficiently processes 100% of its wet waste. Through segregation, the society utilizes an on-site Organic Waste Converter (OWC) machine and compost pits, producing approximately 500-600 kg of high-quality compost every quarter.

Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP): With a capacity of 200 KLD, the society’s sewerage treatment plant has undergone recent upgrades, automation, and rigorous monitoring to consistently generate water of “Garden Level” quality.

Water Treatment Plant (WTP): Due to limited water supply from the PMC, F Residences relies on various sources (such as borewells and tankers). However, all water undergoes treatment at the WTP, ensuring good-quality water for domestic use by reducing hardness.

EV Charging Station: Residents of F Residences have access to a dedicated electric vehicle (EV) charging station for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Currently, charging services are provided free of cost to encourage the adoption of EVs.

Energy-Saving Automation: The society’s internet connectivity enables the installation of IoT-based smart devices (motion sensors, timers, and photosensors)  for automation. This not only aids in energy conservation but also reduces human dependency and saves on manpower costs.

Water-Monitoring Automation : The Society has installed Sonar based sensors to monitor the water levels in tanks and auto-control the transfer motors to prevent overflow and water wastage. This is also helping in knowing the water usage and identifying any potential leakage.

F Residences has implemented several other eco-friendly initiatives, highlighting the impact that individual efforts can have on environmental preservation.

Shreyas Vange

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