Pune IMD’s Weather Forecasting Division Head Dr Anupam Kashyapi Retires After 31 years Of Service

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Dr Anupam Kashyapi, head of IMD Pune’s weather forecasting division, recently retired after an illustrious career spanning 31 years and 8 months. Beginning as a trainee meteorologist in 1992, Dr. Kashyapi served in various capacities, including meteorologist in charge of the training unit and director of the Agrometeorological Field Unit (AMFU) Scientists’ course. Throughout his tenure, he made significant contributions to agricultural meteorology research and operations.

During his career, Dr. Kashyapi was transferred to Meteorological Centre (MC) Gangtok, Sikkim, where he played a pivotal role in weather forecasts and agricultural meteorology. Later, he served as Director of the Meteorological Centre, Bhopal earning commendations for his adept handling of weather inputs during significant events.

Dr Kashyapi’s contributions extended beyond operational roles to include research and capacity-building initiatives. Upon returning to Pune, he led the Weather Forecasting Division, spearheading its modernization efforts and implementing proactive measures. Under his leadership, forecast stations for Pune city were expanded, and multilingual dissemination of weather products was facilitated. 

Notably, he introduced impact-based forecasts (IBF) aimed at enhancing disaster mitigation efforts and produced daily weather videos in Marathi to improve public awareness and understanding. 

Dr Anupam Kashyapi’s dedication and expertise have left an indelible mark on IMD Pune’s meteorological operations, setting a high standard for future endeavours in weather forecasting and disaster management.

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