Pune : Incomplete Road Work Leads to Two Lane Closure at NDA Chowk Flyover, Causing Congestion

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By: Pune Pulse

August 30,2023

Pune: Hoping to finally get a breather from the traffic jams,  the people who rejoiced at the inauguration of the Chandani Chowk flyover, have started regretting it as the issue of traffic jams still persists. It appears that the commuters departing from the flyover in the evening hours are stuck in dense traffic jams daily. They have alleged that the flyover was inaugurated hurriedly even though the work of it was not complete.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Bharat Todkari, Consulting Engineer, NHAI Pune said, “Currently, we are constructing an underpass at Chandani Chowk flyover. For this, we are keeping 4 lanes out of the 6   lanes open towards the Mumbai direction & Bangalore direction in the evening time. A lot of our work is complete. The things that are left to construct are the installation of girders for the underpass & slab construction for it. However, we have expedited the work so that it will be completed in the next 2 to 3 months without disturbing the traffic flow.”

As per information, in the meantime, the people who use the flyover every day are now complaining that they are trapped in a huge traffic jam during the morning and night peak hours and that the flyover is not working as it should. They allege that the authorities hurriedly put up a big event to celebrate the flyover even though the work was not finished.

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