Pune : Keshav Nagar Residents Urgently Seek PMC’s Attention for Renuka Mata Mandir – Manjari Road

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Keshav Nagar, July 2 – Frustrated by the incomplete road work and the deplorable condition of roads in their area, residents of Vihana, Zoya, and Shanti Elixir societies have taken matters into their own hands by blocking the road. Concerned about the safety of motorists and pedestrians, the residents are urging drivers to use alternate parallel roads, as the road in question has been covered in mud, posing a significant risk.

Pradeep Unkule, Chairman of Vihana Society, expressed his dismay, stating, “The concrete road has been severely damaged by the constant movement of construction site trucks and heavy vehicles along the stretch from Renuka Mata Mandir to Manjari road. We have repeatedly requested the builder to cease the commute of heavy vehicles, but no action has been taken. Yesterday, three women from our society were involved in an accident. We implore the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to take immediate action to repair the road and prevent further accidents.”

Shubham Badgujar, Chairman of Shanti Elixir Society, which comprises 150 apartments, revealed, “Drainage work initiated by the PMC has caused delays in the road resurfacing project. Although the road was concretized after the work, it has been completely ruined due to the constant movement of heavy vehicles. Six accidents have already occurred on the road, as it has become dangerously slippery from the dumpers carrying mud from the construction site. With continuous rainfall, the mud has now spread across the road, leading to severe accidents. We are urging citizens to exercise caution while driving on this road.”

Nagesh Dubbiru, Chairman of Zoya Building, mentioned that the concrete road, initially constructed after the pipeline installation, was in good condition for commuting. However, the transportation of mud from the construction site has made it risky to drive on. Dubbiru appealed to the PMC to address the road conditions promptly and initiate repairs.

The residents of these societies are taking a stand to ensure the safety of everyone using the road. They hope that their collective voice and plea will compel the PMC to take swift action in resolving the road issues and preventing further accidents.

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