Pune Lok Sabha Candidates Prioritize Traffic and Basic Infrastructure

Pune Lok Sabha Candidates Prioritize Traffic and Basic Infrastructure

Pune Lok Sabha Candidates Prioritize Traffic and Basic Infrastructure ( Representational Image )

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Candidates vying for the Pune Lok Sabha seat have collectively highlighted their focus on addressing key issues such as traffic congestion, waste disposal, environmental concern, and the provision of basic infrastructure. At a breakfast meeting organized by the group Wadeshwar Katta, politicians from various parties emphasized the need to tackle these challenges for the betterment of the city.

This Katta is an apolitical platform for political parties where relationships beyond politics are nurtured.The candidates who will be seen campaigning against each other in the next few days, but before that, the three were seen enjoying tasty dishes and juicy political chats on this Katta.

BJP candidate Murlidhar Mohol underscored the importance of addressing infrastructure problems faced by residents in cantonment areas and advocated for the establishment of an international airport in Pune. He also noted the successful implementation of projects like the Metro, Chandni Chowk flyover, and the municipal medical college in the past decade.

Ravindra Dhangekar, the Congress candidate, stressed the need to resolve citizens’ issues while expressing concern over the disturbance in the democratic fabric of the nation. He emphasized the importance of maintaining democratic values alongside development initiatives.

Vasant More, a former corporator and ex city chief of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), who is contesting the polls as an independent candidate, highlighted the stagnation in development over the past decade and called for greater attention to local issues during the election.

The organizers of the breakfast meet, Ankush Kakade and Shrikant Shirole, emphasized the importance of maintaining a constructive political atmosphere during the election campaign to prevent the escalation of personal enmity among candidates and their supporters. 

Overall, the candidates reiterated their commitment to addressing pressing issues and promoting development in Pune.

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