Pune municipal corporation commissioner’s office goes online

The Pune municipal corporation has announced plans to implement the e-office (e-file) system in order to speed up administrative work. This system, which is currently being used by the state government in the ministries will be utilized in the workings of the municipal corporation. 

The e-office system is an electronic document and records management system that enables efficient and secure management of government documents and records. The adoption of this system is expected to streamline the process and improve the overall functioning of the corporation.

First, an experimental use of this system will be made in 12 divisions of the corporation, making Pune the first corporation to utilise this technology after the state government. 

The initiative will be implemented in Office of Municipal Commissioner, Municipal Additional Commissioner’s Office (H), Chief Accounts and Finance Department, Department of Information and Technology, Department of Building Design, Path Section, Water Supply Department, Department of Land Acquisition and Management, Vigilance Department, Ghole Road Regional Office, Ghole Road – Shivajinagar Circle and the Electrical Department. 

On this, Srinivas Kandul, head, electricity department, PMC said, ” It will be easy and helpful to introduce an e-office in PMC. It will bring paperless work in PMC departments and also, work will be done faster than earlier.” 

Nividita Kelapure 

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